Who's Who

The Board comprises a Chairperson, Administrative and Technical Member from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and Govt. of Telangana, Expert Member,Member Secretary, Member (in the GRMB Secretariat) and supporting staff.

GRMB Members:

Sl.No. Photo Name Shri/ Smt. Designation Phone Number E-Mail ID
1 J. Chandrashekhar Iyer
Chairperson - chairman-grmb@gov.in
2 Rajat Kumar,IAS,Spl Chief Secretary, I & CAD Dept., GoTS
Administrative Member, GRMB 040-23450436/ Fax:23454055 secy-irg@telangana.gov.in
3 Dr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy, IAS, Spl Chief Secretary, WRD, GoAP
Administrative Member, GRMB 0863-2444248 splcs-wrd@ap.gov.in
4 C. Muralidhar, ENC(I), I & CAD Dept., GoTS
Technical Member, GRMB 040-23391189 enc_major@yahoo.co.in
5 C. Narayana Reddy, ENC(I), WRD, GoAP
Technical Member, GRMB 0866-2576726 encirrigationap@gmail.com
6 C. VenkataSubbaiah
Expert Member 040-29700608 expertmem-grmb-mowr@gov.in
7 B. P. Pandey
Member Secretary 040-23313164 membersecy-grmb@gov.in

GRMB Secretariat:

Sl.No. Name Shri/ Smt. Designation Phone Number
1 P. S. Kutiyal Member 040-29700609
2 M. Ravi Kumar Superintending Engineer 040-29700610
3 G.V.S. Thirupathi Raju Deputy Director (F) 040-29700612
4 R Vittal Prasad Executive Engineer 040-23313165
5 T. Naga Lakshmi Executive Engineer -
6 C Padmini Executive Engineer -
8 M. Vijaya Lakshmi Deputy Executive Engineer -
9 B.Sridevi Deputy Executive Engineer -
10 H.S.Suresh Deputy Executive Engineer -
11 N Swathi Assistant Executive Engineer -
12 N. Sateesh Kumar Assistant Executive Engineer -
14 T N Vara Lakshmi Assistant Executive Engineer -
15 Ch Sridevi Assistant Executive Engineer -
16 T. Preethi Assistant Executive Engineer -
17 K. Kartick Assistant Executive Engineer -
22 N. V. S. K. Manjula Superintendent -
23 R Srinivas Senior Assistant -
25 K Radhika Junior Assistant -